KNX TP Push Button Interface 420 secure

KNX TP Push Button Interface 420 secure

The KNX TP Push Button Interface 420 secure is a push button interface for the KNX bus. It is suitable as a binary input for connecting up to four conventional push buttons or potential-free contacts. In addition, the device offers two outputs for LEDs. A pluggable connection cable is included in the scope of delivery. The integrated push-buttons and LEDs allow a quick test of the configuration.

The application offers extensive functions for switching, dimming, blinds, value transmitters, scene and colour control as well as sequence controllers and scalable pulse counters. Each channel can be configured individually. The flexible operating concept also allows different functions on one channel depending on the settings.

The device also contains 10 independent logic or time functions. The device supports KNX Data Security.

Technical data

Mechanical data

  • Housing: plastic
  • Insert with standardized PTM form factor
  • Dimensions without KNX Bus Conntector: 40 x 40 x 11 mm
  • Height with KNX Bus Connector: 22 mm
  • Length of connecting cable: 150 mm

Power Supply

  • via KNX bus, approx. 3 mA

User interface

  • 4 push buttons
  • 6 LEDs (green, for tests)
  • KNX programming button with LED (red)


  • Connector for KNX bus (red / black)
  • Connector for ext. switches / LEDs

Output channels (LEDs)

  • Voltage: 3.3 V⎓
  • Internal Resistor: 2 kOhm
  • Not galvanically isolated

Input channels (binary in)

  • Voltage at input contacts: SELV
  • Suitable for dry contacts
  • Not galvanically isolated
  • Cable length max. 1 m
  • Max. Ticks per second: 100