KNX Stack Classic

Our product KNX Stack Classic is a System 7 implementation and – with regards to its installed base – may be the most used KNX stack implementation in the world. The firmware includes more than just the communication stack: it provides a complete implementation of the standardized device model System 7 and fully emulates the memory areas and memory types for this profile. The result is unrestricted compatibility with the ETS2/3/4/5 software. The source code is modular in structure, fully documented and included in the scope of delivery. A simple structure and flat organization of the project files allow a fast start into KNX development.

The KNX Stack Classic is available for the medium TP. It can be used with all KNX UART Transceivers available on the market. A support for KNX bit transceivers or discrete solutions is available as well.


  • System software for KNX devices
  • Medium: Twisted Pair (TP)
  • Configuration modes: System mode, Easy mode on request
  • Device models: 0705
  • Optional: Loadable application via ETS
  • Available for different microcontrollers
  • Bus access: KNX UART or bit transceiver
  • Source code in C
  • Evaluation boards
  • Software tools
  • ETS support
  • KNX certificate for the stack

Hardware aspects

The Weinzierl KNX Stack Classic is targeted for 8-Bit and 16-Bit micros. At its core, each device is equipped with a microcontroller that is responsible for bus communication and the application task. The simple design of the device keeps production costs at a minimum. A selection of evaluation boards is available to give developers a head start.