Nowadays, many devices for building automation use a Linux platform for control purposes. Typical examples are boilers, air conditions, ventilation, photovoltaic converters or charging station for electrical cars.

The purpose of this product is to connect a Linux device to the KNX network. The result is a full valued KNX device which can be managed by the ETS® commissioning software and can be certified according to the KNX Standard.

Architecture of the kTux Solution

Linux Platform

A binary executable file handles the management and communication of the KNX system completely. An application can access the API of the KNX Stack via a TCP/IP socket. It uses the BAOS protocol, which is well established for many years.

This solution is available for three KNX media:

  • KNX TP (twisted pair), bus access via USB Stick or Module
  • KNX RF (radio frequency), bus access via USB Stick or Module
  • KNX IP (internet protocol), bus access via IP/Ethernet