Medium Access Packs

The Weinzierl KNX Stack NGS is not only scalable but also modular. Both the COMPACT as well as the PLUS edition of the Core Pack can be used for each KNX media.

Each Medium Access Pack (MAP) contains all medium related firmware parts for the KNX Stack like drivers etc.


Weinzierl Engineering GmbH - Medium Access Packs TP DE

Twisted Pair is still the most used medium in KNX and can be found in the majority of KNX products. The topology of KNX TP is very flexible. For physical transfer of the data balanced baseband signal encoding is used with a data rate of 9600 baud. Devices connected to the TP can be powered over the bus. Our Medium Access Package for KNX TP contains all TP related firmware, drivers for KNX UART transceivers and development boards for Twisted Pair.

The Weinzierl Medium Access Pack for KNX TP can be combined with both the COMPACT and the PLUS editions. The standard distribution supports communication with a KNX UART Transceiver. For new designs we recommend the latest generation transceivers such as:

  • E981.03 (Elmos)
  • NCN5120 (ON Semiconductor)
  • TP-UART II (Siemens)

They combine a power supply with quite high output current and a small footprint on the PCB.


Weinzierl Engineering GmbH - Medium Access Packs DE

The Medium Access Pack for KNX RF contains all RF related firmware parts for the KNX Stack System B NGS. For the radio link an RF Module is included.

For KNX RF no dedicated KNX hardware is required. There are different microcontrollers and RF transceivers available which are suitable to implement the KNX RF protocol. With our medium access package RF it is possible to produce powerful wireless devices at low costs and with low power consumption.

Because of the modular structure of the system software it is also possible to use alternative RF components. The implementation includes both a sender and a receiver.

The Medium Access Pack for KNX RF also supports power down mechanisms to realize not only bidirectional but also semi-directional devices which are bidirectional for configuration and unidirectional in runtime.

In addition, we offer you support for complete system design up to antenna matching.


Weinzierl Engineering GmbH - KNX Stack - Medium IP EN

The Medium Access Pack for KNX IP contains the stack extensions required for IP communication including a UDP/IP stack.

Additional hardware with an Ethernet connection is part of the solution package.

Weinzierl’s development platform is a cost-effective implementation specifically designed for this application area. The core is a microcontroller that simultaneously communicates with a network chip (phy) and handles the application tasks.