Development Hardware

To enable a jump start into KNX development with KNX Stacks from Weinzierl we offer a modular development platform with a complete set of piggyback modules for various microcontroller families and transceivers for all supported media.

KNX Stack Development Base Board

The core of the development platform is the Base Board.

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Piggyback for microcontrollers

For a maximum of flexibility the microcontroller can be plugged as piggyback on the baseboard.

  • Piggyback for Atmel ATmega
  • Piggyback for TI MSP430
  • Piggyback for ST STM32
  • Piggyback for NXP LPC1227
  • Piggyback for Atmel D20
  • Piggyback for Microchip PIC24F

Piggyback for TP Transceivers

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For a connection to KNX TP Piggyback Modules are available for all KNX UART Transceivers currently on the market.

  • Piggyback for Elmos 981.03
  • Piggyback for ON Semi NCN5120
  • Piggyback for Siemens TP-UART
  • Piggyback for Siemens TP-UART2
Weinzierl Engineering GmbH - Piggyback TP Transceiver EN

For the support of KNX Bit Transceivers like FZE1066 please contact us directly.

Piggyback for RF Transceivers

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For an easy start into radio technology dedicated RF Modules for KNX are part or our KNX Stack RF packages. The RF Modules are universal frontends and can even be used in products.

  • RF Modules for TI Chipcon CC1101
  • RF Modules for Microchip MRF89XA / Semtech SX1211
Weinzierl Engineering GmbH - Piggyback RF Transceiver EN

Piggyback for IP Phy

Weinzierl Engineering GmbH - Piggyback for IP Phy EN

The Piggybacks for IP can be mounted on top of a microcontroller board which supports IP connection. The Piggybacks contains the Phy and the Ethernet Plug with inductors.

  • Piggyback for Davicon
  • Piggyback for Microchip
Weinzierl Engineering GmbH - Piggyback IP Phy EN