KNX RF-TP Coupler 670

 KNX RF-TP Coupler 670

The KNX RF/TP Coupler 670 connects wireless KNX devices (KNX RF) with the KNX Bus (KNX TP). The communication is bidirectional, enabling status feedback. Therefore wired actuators can be controlled by wireless switches as well as wireless actuators can be controlled by wired push buttons. In addition, the coupler can act as RF retransmitter.

Functions for Coupler 670


The KNX RF/TP Coupler 670 has 24 channels that can each be assigned one of the following functions:

  • As a receiver (actuator):
    • Switching
    • Dimming
    • Blinds
    • LED display
    • Temperatur sensor
  • As a transmitter (sensor):
    • Switching
    • Switching with scene
    • Dimming with scene
    • Blinds with scene
    • LED display

Each channel that is configured as a receiver, forwards the battery status of the connected radio device on the bus.


The configuration of channels and the link is on the bus can be edited in ETS software.


The wireless devices are teached-in locally on the respective channel in KNX Easy Push Button Mode. To support the learning procedure, the current configuration of the channel is shown in the LCD display inside the coupler. In runtime mode the display shows the currently controlled channel.


The KNX RF/TP Coupler 670 has a surface mount enclosure and is supplied solely from the bus. The KNX RF/TP Coupler 670 is compatible with numerous KNX-RF products including devices from the companies Siemens (GAMMA wave), Busch-Jaeger (Wave Line) and ABB Niessen