KNX IP Router 751

KNX IP Router 751

The KNX IP Router 751 with compact design has a width of only 1 module (18 mm) and is powered by the KNX bus. The device forwards telegrams between different KNX TP lines via LAN (IP) as a fast backbone and is an alternative to KNX line coupler. The KNX IP Router 751 can also be used in the ETS® as a programming interface. The KNX IP Router 751 has a full-range filter table and a large telegram buffer. The buttons and LEDs on the device allow a local diagnosis including the operating status and communication errors.

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Technical data

Controls and indicators

  • Housing: plastic
  • DIN rail mounted device
  • Width: 1 TE (18 mm)

Controls and indicators

  • 2 buttons + KNX programming button
  • 3 LEDs bicolor + KNX programming LED


  • 10BaseT
  • 5 KNXnet/IP Tunneling connections


  • Medium IP/TP
  • Filter table 8 kByte (64k group addresses)
  • Long Frame

Power supply

  • From KNX Bus, approx. 15 mA


  • KNX connector
  • LAN RJ-45 socket