KNX IO 522 secure

 KNX IO 522 secure

KNX IO 522 secure – Shutter actuator 6-fold

The KNX shutter actuator KNX IO 522 secure offers 6 channels for controlling blinds, shutters or other drives with mains voltage. The outputs per channel are electro-mechanically interlocked to prevent motor damage.

The device also offers extensive functions for optimised control of blinds, shutters or window openers. Positions can be approached with time calculation. The device also offers independent logic and time functions.

Das Gerät unterstützt KNX Data Security.

KNX Block IO: Reliable and safe

The KNX IO 522 secure – 6-fold blind actuator is based on the new KNX Block IO platform from Weinzierl. It offers a high channel density and consistently focusses on reliability and security. Support for KNX security is therefore a matter of course.

Central power supply with mains monitoring

The new platform is characterised by a central feed for all channels. This enables quick and clear wiring in the control cabinet and monitoring of the mains voltage. A mains failure is indicated by an LED on the device and can also be signalled with a group telegram on the bus.

Manual operation with multiple selection, even without bus

The devices allow multiple selection for manual operation. This allows several channels to be switched simultaneously. Manual operation is also possible without bus voltage.

Direct switching with the ETS

In addition to manual operation on the device, the new series also enables direct control of the channels from the parameter area of the ETS. This means that all channels can be switched on and off individually or all at the same time. Only the physical address of the device needs to be programmed for this. No parameter settings or group addresses are required. This makes it possible to switch the outputs directly with the ETS – even in remote maintenance.

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Technical data

 Mechanical data

  • Housing: plastic
  • DIN rail mounted device, width: 6 modules (108 mm)
  • Weigth: approx 350 g

User Interface

  • 4 buttons and 14 LEDs, multicolor
  • KNX programming button with LED


  • Device Model System B
  • Compatible with ETS 5 (or higher)
  • Support of KNX Security


  • Connector for KNX Bus (red / black)
  • Pluggable screw connector (12 poles) for blind outputs
  • Pluggable screw connector (2 poles) for 230V~


  • Centralised for all channels 230 V~ / 16 A
  • With mains monitoring on KNX


  • 6 channel shutter actuator
  • Relay type: 230 V~ / 16 A, bistable