KNX IP Multi IO 580 (48I/O)

KNX IP Multi IO 580 (48I/O)

The KNX IP Multi IO 580 (48I/O) is a universal binary interface for building control. It provides 48 I/O lines. Each line can be used as binary input as well as binary output. The peripherals can be fed by an external voltage of 24 V⎓. Channels which are configured as inputs can be used to control lights or blinds via the KNX network. They also can be used to count impulses, e.g. as interface for energy meters. Channels which are configured as outputs can directly drive signal LEDs, external coupling relays (e.g. Multi IO Extension Switch 590) or jalousie relays (Multi IO Extension Switch 592).


Topology with KNX IP only

The device works using the medium KNX IP. It can be configured using the ETS with native parameters and standard group objects. Also the KNX addressing scheme, based on individual device address and group objects, is unchanged. An easy to read OLED display on the front panel enables a manual operation to test the installation.


Technical data

Mechanical data

  • Housing: plastic
  • DIN rail mounted device, width: 6 modules (108 mm)
  • Weigth: approx 260 g

Controls and indicators

  • LED display with four buttons
  • KNX programming LED


  • Medium IP
  • Device model: System B
  • Compatible with ETS 4.2 (or higher)

Power Supply

  • Power Supply for I/O lines: 24 V⎓, ca. 45 mA with no load


  • LAN RJ-45 socket
  • Pluggable screw connector (4 poles) for power supply
  • Pluggable screw connector (12 poles) for I/O lines

I/O lines

  • Output: Open-Drain, max. 100 mA, incl. flyback diode
  • Input: Incl. pull-up resistor