KNX RS-485 Gateway Platform 88X

KNX RS-485 Gateway Platform 88X

The KNX RS-485 Gateway Platform 88X is used to connect devices with RS-485 Interface to KNX bus. Since no standard RS-485 protocol is defined, the application must be created specifically for the necessary requirements. This includes the implementation of the corresponding telegram format for RS-485 and the definition of the required group objects on the KNX side. For this, an individual database for the ETS can be created.

The KNX RS-485 Gateway Platform 88X is especially suitable to develop OEM products. For the individual connection of your system, please contact Weinzierl Engineering.

Technical data

Mechanical data

  •     Housing: Plastic
  •     DIN rail mounted device, width: 18 mm
  •     Weight: approx. 45 g


  • Leerning key for KNX
  • Specific keys on customer’s demand


  • Learn LED (red)
  • Signal LEDs (multicolour) for KNX connection and communication

Power supply

  •     KNX-Side: The device is supplied by KNX bus.
  •     Current consumption: ca. 5 mA
  •     RS-485-Side: The device needs supply voltage of 12-24 V DC
  •     Power consumption: < 200 mW


  •     KNX: KNX connector
  •     RS-485-connector with supply voltage: Screw-type terminal, 4-pole