KNX IP LineMaster 760

 KNX IP LineMaster 760

The KNX LineMaster combines the essential functions of a KNX bus line: Power supply with choke, IP Router and IP Interface. In addition to the bus voltage the power supply offers an auxiliary voltage of 24V DC. The IP Router in the LineMaster enables the forwarding of telegrams between different lines through a LAN (IP) as a fast backbone. Using the embedded IP Interface, the KNX line can be connected directly to a PC (e.g. by ETS). The KXN LineMaster functions according to the KNXnet/IP specification implementing the core, device management, tunnelling and routing parts.


Power Supply with Choke

The power supply in the KNX LineMaster 760 feeds the bus with 29V DC for the KNX system and addtionally offers an auxiliary voltage of 24V DC to supply other devices. Special operating conditions like short cut, over voltage, over load or temperature excursion will be stored and can be monitored in the display. The current flow can also be made visible. Via the keys on the device it is possible to reset the connected bus line.

KNX IP Router

The IP Router within the KNX LineMaster 760 forwards telegrams between different lines via LAN (IP) as a fast backbone. With it this device compensates the EIB/KNX line coupler.

KNX IP Interface

The KNX IP LineMaster 760 can also be used in parallel as an interface to the bus. To use the device as programming interface for ETS at least the version 3.0c is required. So the KNX system can be configured or monitored using any PC in the LAN.

Technical data

Mechanical Data

  • Housing: Plastic
  • DIN rail mounted device, 7 width units (122,5mm)
  • Weight: approx. 400 g

Operating controls

  • Learning key for KNX
  • 5 keys for menu operation


  • Learning LED (red)
  • LC display


  • 10BaseT (10Mbit/s)

Power supply

  • Mains voltage 230V AC / 50Hz
  • Power consumption: < 4W (idle), < 28W (full load)


  • EIB/KNX connection terminal, bus voltage 29 Volts (with choke), max. output current:640mA, short-circuit-proof
  • Screwless terminal block for auxiliary voltage 24V DC max. output current: 150mA, short-circuit-proof
  • LAN RJ-45 socket
  • Screwless terminal block for mains 230V AC