Weinzierl is growing


If everything goes according to plan, a new building will bring the urgently needed space for Weinzierl Engineering GmbH by the beginning of 2021 at the latest. On a total of 800 square meters, the independent building (connected with a transition to the existing building) will provide around 20 workplaces for development as well as space for storage and laboratory – rounded off by a separate training and seminar area on the top floor.

Especially due to the current challenges caused by the coronavirus, the existing building is literally occupied from the basement to the roof. The new building now provides enough space for the development department, which will move completely at the end of the year together with the testing laboratory. The freed-up space and offices will be used for, among other things, production, which can then continue to work even more efficiently on one floor while observing the distance rules.

The new building will of course be completely controllable via KNX – thus, in addition to lighting and shading/blinds control, the connection of AV technology and heating control will be implemented via KNX. In addition, part of the power supply will be provided by a photovoltaic system on the roof.