Fair review light+building 2016

Burgkirchen an der Alz and Frankfurt, March 2016: Light + Building has once again confirmed its position as the world’s leading trade fair for lighting and building-services technology. Growth was recorded in all important indices – in the number of visitors, the number of exhibitors and the area occupied. Also Weinzierl Engineering GmbH recorded a strong increase in visitors and prospective customers for a wide range of innovations. With its new “KNX IO” device range Weinzierl presented inputs and outputs for KNX for the first time. Furthermore, the company also introduced its first IP only device for KNX, the KNX Multi IO 580. Together with a new set of compact 1TE devices – including a line coupler and a new USB interface – the company also presented intelligent power supplies, new IP devices and the new LineMaster for KNX.

KNX IO: Inputs and outputs for KNX

All devices of this new range are for DIN rail with a width of only 1TE (18mm). This granularity offers a maximum of flexibility especially for small and medium size installations. All devices share a unified operating concept with 3 multi-color LEDs and 2 buttons for manual operation during configuration and maintenance. An installation friendly design with plug-able screw connectors also helps to reduce costs on the construction site.

First completely IP-based KNX device by Weinzierl

A very different wiring concept shows the KNX IO Multi 580. It is one of the first KNX IP only devices on the market. So it is integrated in the KNX network directly via Ethernet/IP. The commissioning is done with ETS software very similar to the integration of KNX TP devices. Here is more information about devices of the new IO series.

New KNX System Devices

Weinzierl has also extended its range of KNX system devices. The main aspects of the new devices are a higher grade of integration and improved usability for configuration and maintenance. Weinzierl presents the first KNX IP Interface and KNX IP Router with a width of only 1 unit. In parallel, a new device platform with an integrated OLED display has been developed for complex devices. The graphical user interface allows a quick check of the operation state of a device including main settings like KNX individual address or IP address. More information can be found here