Busmonitor Net ‘n Node

Net’n Node is a powerful bus monitor and analyzer for the development of KNX devices for all KNX media. For more than 10 years Net’n Node is used by many KNX developers. Since the release of Net’n Node 5 the basic version is available for free.

Net’n Node – the developer’s view to KNX

Weinzierl Engineering GmbH - Net’n Node - the developer's view to KNX EN

Version 5 has been completely redesigned from scratch and now supports the KNX BAOS protocol. Net’n Node 5 can communicate directly with the serial KNX BAOS Modules as well as with the KNX IP BAOS Devices from Weinzierl – and with its latest update it also communicates with KNX BAOS USB Devices. Net’n Node 5 is based on the SDK kdrive by Weinzierl and supports bus access via Serial, USB and IP.

  • Sending and receiving telegrams over KNX
  • Analysis of a KNX installation
  • Analysis and control of single devices
  • Reading out communcation objects
  • Access to KNX over Serial, USB and IP interfaces
  • NEW: Support of KNX BAOS USB
  • NEW: Export of KNX telegrams as .txt or .csv
  • NEW: extended help functions

Sending and receiving telegrams

Net’n Node is able to track all telegrams exchanged over KNX. The telegrams can be filtered according to their layer and further information such as the service code or time stamp can be displayed.

Weinzierl Engineering GmbH - Net’n Node - Sending and receiving telegrams

For the sending of telegrams many predefined templates are available. An individual input is possible as well. The figure shows dialogs for sending telegrams with KNX data point types.

The content of a group object can be read via the tool “read object value”. Every meaningful interpretation of the content is listed.

Telegram filters

It is possible to filter telegrams based on the following criteria:

  • EMI Service code
  • Source Address
  • Individual Destination Address
  • Group Destination Address
  • Application Layer Service (APCI)
  • Transport Layer Service (TPDU)
  • Network Layer Parameter (Route Count)

Filters can be configured to hide specific telegrams, or mark them with a specified color. Filter configurations can be saved to file for later use.

Weinzierl Engineering GmbH - Net’n Node - Telegram filters

Analysis of KNX installations

Net’n Node is able to make visible all devices connected in a line or area of an KNX installation. Also, a range of physical or group addresses can be examined to determine whether an acknowledge was returned by a certain address, as shown below.

Analysis and control of KNX devices

Net’n Node provides a large number of tools for the analysis and control of single devices. These functions are:

  • Access protection
  • Switching of LED
  • Reset device
  • Read state
  • Read A/D-Converter
  • Edit memory
  • Edit properties
  • Manipulate physical address
Weinzierl Engineering GmbH - Analysis and control of KNX devices 
Weinzierl Engineering GmbH - Analysis and control of KNX devices

The figures show the following functions: the dialog for the reading out and for the modification of interface objects (properties) and the dialog which retrieves the status of a device.

Every device oriented dialog has on the right a Read and a Write button for the individual address of the target device: If the programming mode is activated this feature can read or write the address without exit of the dialog.

Support of BAOS protocol

Net’n Node 5 can be connected directly with BAOS Serial Modules and BAOS IP Devices. While KNX BAOS IP Devices and KNX BAOS USB Devices can be found via a port scan, serial connections have to be configured manually as user port.

Weinzierl Engineering GmbH - Support of BAOS protocol 01

The BAOS view shows the current configurations. Dedicated send dialogs allow a convenient testing of the BAOS protocol. The telegram view tracks the complete BAOS communication even in combination with telegrams on the KNX network. A detail view is available for further interpretation of the telegrams.

Weinzierl Engineering GmbH - Support of BAOS protocol 02

Further information

You can download the Basic Version of Net’n Node 5 for free and activate it. The professional version is part of our KNX Stack Development Solutions.