KNX USB Adaptor 350 (RS232)

 KNX USB Adaptor 350 (RS232)

Most modern computers, especially Laptops, do not provide a serial port. USB (Universal Serial Bus) instead is integrated into all computers nowadays. With existing EIB-RS232-Interface, our EIB/KNX-USB adapter for RS232 offers you to connect to an EIB-Installation over USB. Therefore there is no need for changing existing Interfaces in the future. The adapter can be plugged into an existing RS232-Interface on DIN rail.

Typical application

Technical data

Mechanical data

  • Housing: plastic
  • Dimensions (L x W x T) : 78 x 45 x 18 mm

Power supply

  • Over USB by connected PC / Laptop
  • Power consumption: < 200 mW


  • RS-232: 9 pin Sub-D connector male, to be plugged directly to RS-232 Interface
  • USB connector type B
  • Wire length max. 5 m


  • ETS (Engineering Tool Software) ETS3 or later