KNX PowerSupply USB 367

KNX PowerSupply USB 367

The KNX PowerSupply USB 367 is a 640 mA bus power supply with high efficiency and a small footprint of only 4 units (72 mm). The device has a bus choke, an integrated USB Interface (Micro USB connector) and additionally provides an output for auxiliary power.

Power, diagnosis and logic functions

The integrated KNX node monitors output current, bus voltage and the temperature in the enclosure. Various logic functions are available for application purpose. The configuration is done with the ETS (version 4.2 or higher). An easy to read OLED display on the front panel enables the user to display the operating parameters locally on the device.

This USB interface can be used to program KNX Secure devices with the ETS.

Technical data

Mechanical data

  • Housing: plastic
  • DIN rail mounted device, width: 4 modules (72mm)
  • Weigth: approx 260 g

User Interface

  • Four keys for on device settings
  • OLED display
  • KNX programming LED


  • Device Model System B
  • Compatible with ETS 4.2 (or higher)
  • Long Frame


  • Plug for external power supply 230 V AC
  • Connector for KNX TP (red/black)
  • Connector for auxiliary power output (yellow/white)
  • Micro USB connector