KNX Workshop 2014: a complete success

With our fully booked KNX Development Training Workshop (May 14 – May 15 2014) we facilitated the first steps into the fascinating world of the development of KNX devices. After an overview of the technical foundations of the KNX standard, we catered to the various media from KNX and show the different approaches to design using software stack or modules KNX-compatible devices. In our own office building in the middle of a rural idyll we welcomed more than a dozen workshop participants on our separate training floor.

During our two day KNX workshop we presented our KNX BAOS TP Modules for the fast development of KNX TP devices. Furthermore, we demonstrated our new KNX BAOS RF Modules for a jump start into the development of wireless devices for KNX which can be managed by the ETS5. Our new KNX Stack NGS enables enhanced modularity and scalability as with just one code basis it supports KNX TP, KNX RF and KNX IP only devices. A range of tools allows a completely new workflow with a fully automated and integrated creation of ETS product entries. We gave the participants an overview of the features of the KNX Standard and introduced them to a state-of-the-art KNX device design based on our System Solutions for the KNX Standard.

For reference, you can download the detailled KNX Workshop Flyer here. Get in touch with us for future Workshops via email or phone at +49-8677-91 636-0.