First member meeting – KNX Deutschland e.V.

KNX Deutschland e.V. celebrates its foundation. On October the 28th 2022, 50 members met for the first general meeting in Frankfurt. The aim of KNX Deutschland e.V. is to spread the benefits of KNX-based building technology. To support the work of the board, advisory councils were elected from the different areas of the members: Manufacturers, distributors, KNX partners (system integrators, installers), Education/Science as well as builders/investors/architects/planners/operators are represented. Weinzierl will be represented on the advisory board by our managing director Dr. Thomas Weinzierl. This great commitment to participation shows the need for joint answers to urgent questions on climate neutrality, energy management, sector coupling or age-appropriate living.

Weinzierl Knx D Mitgliederversammlung 2022 11 18 010