DMX Standard

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DMX is a digital control protocol and was originally introduced in stage and event technology to control lighting systems.

The abbreviation DMX represents Digital Multiplex. DMX uses the proven RS-485 as medium. The DMX master sends telegrams cyclically, each channel containing a byte for a light signal or a command. A reverse channel is not provided.

DMX has now also become established in many buildings. Not only in the event technology sector, but also for effect lighting in other fields.

For example, manufacturers of wellness and pool lighting often use DMX. However, DMX is also used for façade illumination. One reason for this is the relatively simple protocol compared to KNX. DMX also offers a very high speed, which is required for effect lighting. As buildings are very often controlled via KNX, a gateway between KNX and DMX is required. Weinzierl offers the most compact solution in the world with the KNX DMX Gateway 544, which can be configured using only the ETS.

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