The KNX BAOS Gadget is a minivisualization for windows desktop, that communicates via KNX IP BAOS 772 Interface (minimum firmware version 4) with the BUS. The PC or Notebook is connected to the BAOS via LAN or WLAN. 

  • Easy configuration of the KNX IP BAOS 772 device in ETS
  • No ETS Plug-In
  • No editor for visualisation
  • No training needed

The graphical interface is generated automatically. Any Plug-In or editor isn't required. The configuration ensures exclusive via the ETS-parameters of the KNX IP BAOS 772 using the product database with building structure. There rooms and functions can be arranged very simple and can be denoted with any text you like. The appropriate communication-objects are displayed automatically and can be linked with groupadresses in ETS directly. The full configuration is transferred into the BAOS interface while downloading and can be read with the client. Thus, the consistency between ETS project and visualization will always be secured. 

Other advantages of KNX BAOS gadget are

  • Quick and easy intallation of the gadget
  • Immediate state feedback
  • Up to 8 clients simultaneously usable

After the first start of the gadget, once a connection to the BAOS must be made. This requires the IP address of the BAOS, which can be entered in the settings dialog of the gadget. To find the BAOS devices in the network, the tool "KNX BAOS Finder" is available. Within seconds, the configuration is transferred into the gadget and the user interface is set up. All state indicators are available immediately after the start, because all objectvalues are stored in the BAOS, without requiring them to be read via the KNX bus. There can be up to 8 gadgets connected to a KNX IP BAOS 772 at the same time. 

What is a Gadget?

The windows desktop gadgets (or Windows Sidebar in Windows Vista) are mini-applications that are placed on the desktop. The gadgets were introduced with Windows Vista, where they were anchored with a sidebar on the side of the desktop. With Windows 7, the gadgets can be placed anywhere on the desktop. In Windows, some gadgets are already installed, such as the displaying of the clock with date or even a weather forecast. Other gadgets, such as the KNX BAOS gadget, can be installed by the user easily.

Info for users of Windows 8 (or higher): With the tool 8gadgetpack our BAOS gadget can also be used with Windows 8, 8.1, and 10. Download here

Gadgets are closed on shutdown of the PC and opened again automatically on restart. The settings are retained. So the user has important information always at a glance.

Technically a gadget is a browser application. That means it is a special window of the Internet Explorer. Therefore a gadget is based on HTML, CSS and JavaScript in essence. The KNX BAOS gadget accesses the KNX IP BAOS 772 via JSON Web Services.



The settings dialog is for configuration of the gadget. Here two modes are available:

The demo mode shows a sample configuration and is for testing the gadget, if no KNX IP BAOS 772 is available. Buttons and states are without function and the home button always refers to the first page.

In active mode, the configuration data is read from the KNX IP BAOS 772 and the user interface is built automatically. The communication is done via the object-server of the BAOS interface.

To establish a connection to the BAOS, its IP address must be entered. With home group you select the page, which is displayed on starting the gadget and when you click the home button.